Synonymer till compound

  • adjektiv
    1. (composed of more than one part) compound
    2. (consisting of two or more substances or ingredients or elements or parts) compound
    3. (composed of many distinct individuals united to form a whole or colony) colonial; compound
  • substantiv
    1. (a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts) compound
    2. ((chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight) chemical compound; compound
    3. (an enclosure of residences and other building (especially in the Orient)) compound
  • verb
    1. (make more intense, stronger, or more marked) intensify; heighten; deepen; compound
    2. (put or add together) combine; compound
    3. (calculate principal and interest) compound
    4. (create by mixing or combining) compound
    5. (combine so as to form a whole; mix) combine; compound

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