Synonymer till cut

  • adjektiv
    1. (separated into parts or laid open or penetrated with a sharp edge or instrument) cut
    2. (fashioned or shaped by cutting) cut
    3. (with parts removed) shortened; cut
    4. (made neat and tidy by trimming) trimmed; cut
    5. ((used of grass or vegetation) cut down with a hand implement or machine) mown; cut
    6. ((of pages of a book) having the folds of the leaves trimmed or slit) cut
    7. ((of a male animal) having the testicles removed) emasculated; gelded; cut
    8. ((used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply) slashed; cut
    9. (mixed with water) thinned; weakened; cut
  • substantiv
    1. (a share of the profits) cut
    2. ((film) an immediate transition from one shot to the next) cut
    3. (a trench resembling a furrow that was made by erosion or excavation) gash; cut
    4. (a step on some scale) cut
    5. (a wound made by cutting) gash; slash; slice; cut
    6. (a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass) cut of meat; cut
    7. (a remark capable of wounding mentally) stinger; cut
    8. (a distinct selection of music from a recording or a compact disc) track; cut
    9. (the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage) deletion; excision; cut
    10. (the style in which a garment is cut) cut
    11. (a canal made by erosion or excavation) cut
    12. (a refusal to recognize someone you know) snub; cold shoulder; cut
    13. (in baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball) baseball swing; swing; cut
    14. ((sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball) undercut; cut
    15. (the division of a deck of cards before dealing) cutting; cut
    16. (the act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge) cutting; cut
    17. (the act of cutting something into parts) cutting; cut
    18. (the act of shortening something by chopping off the ends) cutting; cutting off; cut
    19. (the act of reducing the amount or number) cut
    20. (an unexcused absence from class) cut
  • verb
    1. (separate with or as if with an instrument) cut
    2. (cut down on; make a reduction in) reduce; cut down; cut back; trim; trim down; trim back; bring down; cut
    3. (turn sharply; change direction abruptly) swerve; sheer; curve; trend; veer; slue; slew; cut
    4. (make an incision or separation) cut
    5. (discharge from a group) cut
    6. (form by probing, penetrating, or digging) cut
    7. (style and tailor in a certain fashion) tailor; cut
    8. (hit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction) cut
    9. (make out and issue) write out; issue; make out; cut
    10. (cut and assemble the components of) edit; edit out; cut
    11. (intentionally fail to attend) skip; cut
    12. (be able to manage or manage successfully) hack; cut
    13. (give the appearance or impression of) cut
    14. (move (one's fist)) cut
    15. (pass directly and often in haste) cut
    16. (pass through or across) cut
    17. (make an abrupt change of image or sound) cut
    18. (stop filming) cut
    19. (make a recording of) cut
    20. (record a performance on (a medium)) cut
    21. (create by duplicating data) burn; cut
    22. (form or shape by cutting or incising) cut
    23. (perform or carry out) cut
    24. (function as a cutting instrument) cut
    25. (allow incision or separation) cut
    26. (divide a deck of cards at random into two parts to make selection difficult) cut
    27. (cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch) switch off; turn off; turn out; cut
    28. (reap or harvest) cut
    29. (fell by sawing; hew) cut
    30. (penetrate injuriously) cut
    31. (refuse to acknowledge) ignore; disregard; snub; cut
    32. (shorten as if by severing the edges or ends of) cut
    33. (weed out unwanted or unnecessary things) prune; rationalize; rationalise; cut
    34. (dissolve by breaking down the fat of) cut
    35. (have a reducing effect) cut
    36. (cease, stop) cut off; cut
    37. (reduce in scope while retaining essential elements) abridge; foreshorten; abbreviate; shorten; contract; reduce; cut
    38. (lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture) dilute; thin; thin out; reduce; cut
    39. (have grow through the gums) cut
    40. (grow through the gums) cut
    41. (cut off the testicles (of male animals such as horses)) geld; cut

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