Synonymer till clinch

  • substantiv
    1. ((boxing) the act of one boxer holding onto the other to avoid being hit and to rest momentarily) clinch
    2. (a small slip noose made with seizing) clench; clinch
    3. (the flattened part of a nail or bolt or rivet) clinch
    4. (a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together) clamp; clinch
    5. (a tight or amorous embrace) hug; squeeze; clinch
  • verb
    1. (secure or fasten by flattening the ends of nails or bolts) clinch
    2. (hold a boxing opponent with one or both arms so as to prevent punches) clinch
    3. (hold in a tight grasp) clench; clinch
    4. (embrace amorously) clinch
    5. (flatten the ends (of nails and rivets)) clinch
    6. (settle conclusively) clinch

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